How to Cat-sit (Picture Book Preschool)

We are cat-sitting, so it seemed like a good time to revisit one of Ladybug’s favorite books: Take Care, Good Knight by Shelley Moore Thomas.  In this story three little dragons take care of their friend’s cats.  Their friend left a note with instructions that included pictures, but the little dragons can’t read and they try to guess from the pictures what they should do for the cats.  Hilarity ensues.

For us the book was a way of talking about what cats like and don’t like.  The little dragons learn that cats do not like swimming, for example, and I had Ladybug come up with things that cats do like.  But you might also have kids try to interpret a set of instructions with just the pictures like the little dragons did.  Find other ideas here from the United Way’s Ready for School Initiative.

See the author read the story in this video:

Also, here are some tips from Cats International for those considering introducing a cat to a household that includes kids.

You may also be interested in my previous Picture Book Preschool post.

FCC Disclaimer: Take Care, Good Knight reviewed from personal copy.  Amazon links are affiliate links.

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