Monday Morning Music: Anniversary Edition

Amayzing Fruit

Memorial Day weekend is a personal and romantic anniversary for me, and this year is a big one. Ten years ago, I co-organized Amayzing Fruit, a music festival in St. Charles, Illinois.  A good friend of mine had the idea to plan this big show with all of our favorite bands, and when met with skepticism from friends and family that we would actually follow through with the idea, we ran with it.  “It” meant months of planning, re-planning, and promoting the show.  Amayzing Fruit remains one of the biggest and most satisfying projects with which I’ve been involved.  It was our baby, and I am really proud of what we did.

Oh, and also, it’s where I met the man I eventually married. :)

I didn’t pay much attention to him that weekend.  I was way too busy making sure everything went as planned, but that was just the beginning of our story.

To celebrate ten years, here is Daytrip.  The band that brought Chad to my show.  Fun fact: a couple of years later, he joined the band as the bass player and recorded this record (click the link to listen on Grooveshark).  If you like post rock, you just might like Daytrip.


Author: Mindy R

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